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Achiva is a club for those who make money on crypto-traffic. A cozy atmosphere of the events, tons of useful information and answers to the participants’ questions allow us to develop together.

What our partners say
Vadim Wildo
Blogger, top-rated arbitrager

Vova and I, we’ve moved mountains within SD. I know few people who would be so enthusiastic, so stress-resistant and capable of learning new things. I wholeheartedly recommend them for cooperation.

Dmitry Bondar
CEO at Boosta.biz

These guys are ones of the few who knows the way partnership is created and developed. That a rare thing to see on the partnership program market.

Both Vova’s experience in affiliate programs and the number of Zhenya’s contacts among SEO specs invite success to this project. I’m pretty sure that everything will work out for them and I’ll be glad to cooperate with those guys.

Andrey Kapeltsov
Marketing director

I’ve been knowing the founders of the affiliate program for a while, I’ve worked with them on various projects many times. It so cool that they united to create an aggregator.

I’m sure they will end up all right as long as their honesty can hardly be doubted. Besides, the guys know their way around traffic and what is that publishers need most.

Vadim Korepov

Well, I know the affiliate program’s founder, Vova Sakharov, from his previous project SalesDoubler. He’s a competent and sympathetic person who has stayed in the niche for a long time and has all the opportunities to organize the product’s functioning on the highest level.

It wasn’t for naught that I mentioned his sympathy. After all, the term ‘affiliate programs’ includes the dialog between a publisher and affiliate program’s representatives in its very essence. Obviously, it’s an understanding of publichers’ needs that holds the key to success.